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vanBaerle AG

A strong vision for the future

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Found­ed as a soap fac­to­ry in as ear­ly as the 19th cen­tu­ry, van­Baer­le with its busi­ness units Hygiene and Sil­i­cates today oper­ates in over 50 coun­tries in Europe, Amer­i­ca and Asia, and employs around 130 staff at its head­quar­ters and its sub­sidiaries. The company’s site in München­stein, Switzer­land, is not only home to pro­duc­tion plants for its busi­ness units Hygiene and Sil­i­cates, but also to devel­op­ment lab­o­ra­to­ries, appli­ca­tion tech­nol­o­gy, qual­i­ty assur­ance as well as stor­age and administration.

At an impor­tant junc­tion in this company’s more recent devel­op­ment, van­Baer­le com­mis­sioned cometris AG with the for­mu­la­tion of a cor­po­rate vision. Tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion the company’s exist­ing guid­ing prin­ci­ples and its more than 100-year his­to­ry, cometris AG adopt­ed a con­trar­i­an approach to the con­ven­tion­al top-down method. In dis­cus­sions with the exec­u­tive board, man­age­ment and staff, the key aspects of the actu­al and tar­get state of the com­pa­ny were analysed, on the basis of which a vision was pre­pared for the whole com­pa­ny and its two busi­ness units.

The involve­ment of the staff made sure that the idea and for­mu­la­tion of the vision were under­stood on all lev­els and could be sup­port­ed by every­one in its imple­men­ta­tion from 2016. As a valu­able by-prod­uct of this process, the exec­u­tive board was able to receive anonymised yet rep­re­sen­ta­tive feed­back on the opin­ions and needs of its workforce.


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