About us

About us

Shaping perception for more than 30 years – and for your future.

A quarter of a century after the renowned PR agency Peter Bütikofer & Company AG was first created, we repositioned it and renamed it cometris AG. We offer strategic and operational advice for companies, organisations and private individuals on matters of internal and external communications. We specialise in corporate communications, crisis communications and strategy consulting and handle analysis, planning and implementation.

We advise our clients on who should say or write what, where, when, how and to whom. We do so by leveraging a combination of first-class linguistic and analytical skills and experience, based on a company history that stretches back more than a quarter of a century. We are grounded and straightforward. We have neither an agency dog, nor a pool table nor a juice bar. We do have clients and ideas and look forward to tackling both small and big challenges.

Name, Logo

Name, Logo

Our self-conception

The company name cometris reflects the agency’s self-conception in three ways:

1. Our understanding of communications
com not only stands for communications, but is also derived from the Latin “com/cum”, meaning “with”. “metris” is the plural of “metrum” (Latin for “measure”), and comes from the Ancient Greek “metron”. Accordingly, the company’s name stands for communication that is “measured”, or appropriate to the situation. The combination of these terms is also the reason why the letter “m” in the logo has more than two arcs. It represents two merged “m”.

2. Our understanding of customer relations
co means “together”. Combined with “metris”, this gives us a “joint measure”, i.e. applying the same standards and spawning mutual respect and benefits for both sides.

3. Our understanding of our role
comet represents a guide, something that is visibly in motion and can look back on a long history – in our case, more than 30 years as a company.

Perception management

Perception management

Perception determines reality

This is what underpins the concept of perception management. Perception among target groups is always key – and current perception can only be developed, changed or maintained if it is known and analysed.

Implementing communications based on the principle of perception management involves ensuring that the content or appearance of communications is geared towards a defined target perception and aligned with existing perception. The success of communications can then be measured by the effect or perception achieved.

Perception management is thus the measurable impact in public relations. That is why we do not see ourselves as a mere communicator of messages and stories, but as craftsmen aiming for the desired perception.



A flexible partner

Through contact with us, our Swiss clients gain access to a tried-and-tested network of renowned partner agencies at home and abroad. We also assist both direct clients from abroad and foreign agencies with international projects in Switzerland.

Depending on client needs, we can work with individual partner agencies or with larger networks, which have included Ketchum, Kreab, the Brunswick Group and 27&more to date. As an owner-managed agency, our choice of partners is unhindered.

Team, Jobs

Bernhard Schmid

Owner/Managing Director

Team, Jobs

One of the key sources of inspiration and motivation at cometris is the recurring communication and knowledge transfer in our team. The diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds of our employees has provided a natural interdisciplinary basis for our day-to-day work for more than 30 years. Our staff have outgoing personalities, and their curiosity and empathy means they are both able and eager to deal with endlessly diverse people and challenges. Certificates do matter to us, of course – but thanks to our daily contact with others, we know that personality makes a crucial difference.

Are you interested in joining the cometris team? Then get in touch or send your application to:

cometris AG
Administration & Human Resources
Münstergasse 18
8001 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 447 12 12

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