cometris supports companies and institutions with their internal and external communication, online and offline. We do so to help them reach and be correctly understood by their target groups. This in turn helps our clients achieve their goals better and faster.

We contribute our expertise in the planning of both established and unconventional measures and also implement them. Measures based on existing foundations or drafted after elaborating communication concepts and guidelines. Our clients benefit from our broad project experience with companies of all sizes and a wide range of industries. We are convinced that having a broad horizon is essential for providing sound advice and helps us come up with new valuable solutions time and again.

When it comes to external communication, we support our clients with their media work and contact management, preparing publications, planning and carrying out events, as well as establishing and maintaining their internet and social media presence. We help our clients build up their desired reputation and consolidate it in the long term.

When it comes to internal communication, we help convey knowledge in a manner that promotes the trust of employees. To do so, we use the broad repertoire of communication means: from the noticeboard in the factory hall to group discussions and employee magazines to intranet podcasts and employee apps.

Crisis communications

Crisis communications

When you see a fire, you call the fire brigade. If you also know how to use the hand-held fire extinguisher, you can keep the fire at bay for a while at least. Similarly, we would like our clients to be able to communicate properly in a crisis situation without external support - at least during the first few hours, online on Social Media and offline. For this purpose, we provide them with appropriate instructions and practise the appropriate communication behaviour in critical situations with them, because you only truly understand a concept after having implemented it.

cometris understands issue and crisis management as the analysis of existing settings and risks in order to anticipate all possible weak points. Based on this, we develop concepts that allow companies to systematically prepare for negative events, identify risk situations at an early stage, and avoid communication traps in the event of a crisis.

If a crisis nevertheless emerges, we are at hand with experience, knowledge, organisational skills, the right contacts and cool heads. At any time.

Strategy consulting

Strategy consulting

Our clients often come to us with a problem. Our task is to outline possible solutions thanks to appropriate communication. We do so for both internal and external communication by pointing out strategic options for action and expected consequences for individual problems. However, we also develop comprehensive, integrated communication strategies and create the appropriate concepts and specific instructions. Our independent approach from outside and close coordination with the client complement one another in this process.

Communication goes even further however. It is inextricably linked to corporate strategy: Corporate strategy is an essential basis for communication. At the same time, corporate strategy must also consider its impact on the perception of the company. This makes it clear that corporate strategy must also take communicative considerations into account. And that is why communication is a top-level issue.

Investor relations

Investor relations

For successful investor relations and financial communications, it is crucial to build and maintain relationships with the financial community but also with other stakeholders. It is the only way to foster mutual trust and to ensure a positive corporate development for a company in the long run. cometris has extensive experience in supporting capital market transactions and ongoing investor relations. In this way, we support companies with matters of ad hoc publicity, regular communication with shareholders, preparing annual reports and media communications, as well as preparing and holding general meetings, annual results press conferences and roadshows. cometris is also a founding member of GIRAS (Swiss Society of Investor Relations Agencies).


Once a company goes public, the ownership structure is being opened up to the organised capital market, which usually leads to an injection of fresh capital. A public floatation is a milestone in any company’s development, and it is important that this step is utilized for corporate and product marketing purposes. This will help the company in finding potential investors and boost its profile and perception. Communication plays a key role in this process. cometris has supported different IPOs over the years, writing equity stories, drawing up press releases, training managers and board members for media appearances and road shows, attending background meetings and much more on behalf of numerous companies.

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  • Glencore International
  • Edisun Power Europe
  • Petroplus Holdings
  • Panalpina
  • BFW Liegenschaften
  • Advanced Digital Broadcast
  • Ypsomed
  • Converium
  • St. Galler Kantonalbank
  • Real Media
  • Inficon
  • Métraux Services
  • Oridion
  • Card Guard
  • 4M
  • Bit by bit
  • A. Hiestand Holding
  • Barry Callebaut
  • Kaba Holding
  • Adecco


It can sometimes be difficult to get advice from your own people. Whether this is for example because the subject’s confidentiality makes internal exchange difficult or because the company lacks the relevant competence. Unbiased assessment of an outside expert often opens new perspectives.

We are sparring partners for executives and communications managers, giving them confidence in dealing with matters of communication and appearance. For this, we listen attentively, look closely, and give our honest impression after plenty of reflection and based on experience from countless client contacts and projects.

We carry out presentation and media trainings, provide contacts and speaking opportunities and advise on developing a culture of dialogue. And if it serves the purpose, we are not afraid to offer critical comments on style and appearance.

Text work

Text work

“Working on language is working on thoughts.” In our work, we are particularly inspired by the words of Friedrich Duerrenmatt. Our clients want us to communicate their thoughts and intentions in a way that they are properly understood. That is why language has to be precise, representing the thoughts exactly and yet comprehensibly. This requires a strict yet playful approach to language and different language styles.

We text and write with passion and a love of language. And we are fascinated by what a great difference linguistic subtleties can make. However, despite the greatest attention to detail: texts often also have to be created quickly. Which is why we do it like this.



At cometris, we dispose of an efficient set of tools for measuring perception. Alongside the usual monitoring services for print media, we maintain and use proprietary tools for monitoring online channels, including social media, which allow us to quickly identify the most significant news from the whole range of available information .

We also collect data by means of online surveys. Because our clients want to know which product design is most popular with the consumer, the concerns their employees have, whether the perception of the company matches with what the company wants to stand for, or simply to back up the credibility of statements and stories in a press release with statistically reliable results.

To do so, we work together with global panel partners, which has already led us, for example, to conduct surveys in China - of course, only after subjecting our questions to a “culture check”.

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