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vanBaerle AG

A strong vision for the future

Founded as a soap factory in as early as the 19th century, vanBaerle with its business units Hygiene and Silicates today operates in over 50 countries in Europe, America and Asia, and employs around 130 staff at its headquarters and its subsidiaries. The company’s site in Münchenstein, Switzerland, is not only home to production plants for its business units Hygiene and Silicates, but also to development laboratories, application technology, quality assurance as well as storage and administration.

At an important junction in this company’s more recent development, vanBaerle commissioned cometris AG with the formulation of a corporate vision. Taking into consideration the company’s existing guiding principles and its more than 100-year history, cometris AG adopted a contrarian approach to the conventional top-down method. In discussions with the executive board, management and staff, the key aspects of the actual and target state of the company were analysed, on the basis of which a vision was prepared for the whole company and its two business units.

The involvement of the staff made sure that the idea and formulation of the vision were understood on all levels and could be supported by everyone in its implementation from 2016. As a valuable by-product of this process, the executive board was able to receive anonymised yet representative feedback on the opinions and needs of its workforce.