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Switzerland Global Enterprise

Factsheets about the business location of Switzerland

On behalf of Switzerland Global Enterprise, cometris has created a series of factsheets about the business location of Switzerland. Spread across four pages, they briefly and concisely provide information for foreign companies and investors about the advantages of Switzerland as a business location. The factsheets look at industry topics on the one hand (biotech, medtech, pharmaceuticals, MEM, finance, ICT, data centres and product design) but also cover Switzerland’s different unique selling points in the areas of vocational training, the job market, innovation, company start-ups, customs and production, on the other. The factsheets have been translated into 9 languages, are accessible online and are available to any parties promoting business within Switzerland as well as the Swiss business hubs abroad. The contract involved drafting the factsheets as well as carrying out all information research, editing and the graphic presentation.

Commissioned by the federal government and the cantons, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supports the promotion of foreign trade. In that capacity, the Swiss organisation provides information, advice and support to Swiss companies with their international business ventures. Since the beginning of 2008, it has also looked after the promotion of Switzerland abroad as a business location as well as the promotion of imports for the benefit of chosen countries covered by the programme. Link to the factsheets: