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City of Schlieren

Fact or fiction: learning more through surveys

For years, the town of Schlieren had a notoriously bad reputation – poor quality housing, carved up by roads, a high proportion of foreign nationals in the population and loss of workplaces due to industrial flight.

The town council felt that this was undeserved, and so decided to step up communications. The plan was to start with a survey to determine what the perception actually was. The results of the study were intended to form the basis for formulating the communications strategy.

cometris was engaged to carry out this online survey and a 2,000-strong panel from the cantons of Zürich and Aargau was used to test how the town was perceived by external target groups. The internal perspective was provided by a panel of around 300 manufacturers and traders, town employees, politicians and other personalities resident in Schlieren, with the results presented at a public town council meeting.