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Simply Life: a lifestyle magazine is born

Change management and strategic realignment are often perennial issues for a company, which is where communications can and must play a considerable role. Founded in 1963, Hapimag is Europe’s leading timeshare company – with approximately 140,000 members who are both Hapimag shareholders and beneficial co-owners of the firm’s property portfolio. Membership affords access to around 60 ideally situated locations in 16 countries, where around 5,600 apartments are available for individual use. These sites are also enhanced with restaurant, wellness, cultural and infrastructure facilities.

In response to profound lifestyle changes, Hapimag has begun to realign its strategic position in recent years; aiming to focus more closely on today’s new lifestyles, whereupon the members’ magazine, published in six languages, became a priority.

Working with in-house designers, cometris planned and implemented premium changes in appearance and content to transform the publication into a lifestyle magazine (circulation: approx. 150,000 in five languages). Instead of simply reporting company information, the new editorial format means the magazine focuses on stories from and about the diverse Hapimag world. The new name, “Simply Life”, says it all – not only reflecting the magazine’s new angle, but also representing a new tagline for Hapimag.

View Simply Life issue 5 (ISSUU)