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Glencore International

Going public overseas: the Swiss market still wants information

In 2011, cometris assisted with the world’s largest IPO of that year. Going public in London and Hong Kong amassed around 10 billion dollars for Glencore. At the same time, this secured the commodities group the largest IPO in the history of the London Stock Exchange. What does that have to do with Switzerland?

Glencore has been headquartered in Switzerland for decades; most of the employees that work here are Swiss, and Glencore is one of the biggest companies in the country. Before going public, Glencore engaged in intensive dialogue with the institutions and individuals that were directly involved with it as a private company. The floatation expanded the target audience for corporate communications in one fell swoop.

cometris supported Glencore with planning and implementation during the IPO, and subsequently assisted with the increased public and political communications in Switzerland.