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Corporate communications


cometris supports companies and institutions with their internal and external communication, online and offline. We do so to help them reach and be correctly understood by their target groups. This in turn helps our clients achieve their goals better and faster.

We contribute our expertise in the planning of both established and unconventional measures and also implement them. Measures based on existing foundations or drafted after elaborating communication concepts and guidelines. Our clients benefit from our broad project experience with companies of all sizes and a wide range of industries. We are convinced that having a broad horizon is essential for providing sound advice and helps us come up with new valuable solutions time and again.

When it comes to external communication, we support our clients with their media work and contact management, preparing publications, planning and carrying out events, as well as establishing and maintaining their internet and social media presence. We help our clients build up their desired reputation and consolidate it in the long term.

When it comes to internal communication, we help convey knowledge in a manner that promotes the trust of employees. To do so, we use the broad repertoire of communication means: from the noticeboard in the factory hall to group discussions and employee magazines to intranet podcasts and employee apps.