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Kurtheater Baden

A concept for two million francs

With around 600 seats, the Kurtheater Baden is the largest theatre in the canton of Aargau. It was built in 1952 according to the plans of architect Lisbeth Sachs, but has never been completely renovated since then. A comprehensive renovation with a slight expansion between 2018 and 2020 ensures that the Kurtheater will be able to serve in its role as a venue for first-class theatre productions, attractive for-hire guest performances and high-quality entertainment outside the realm of theatre for decades to come.

Public authorities, various organisations and private individuals are contributing to the total costs of the forthcoming renovation and expansion project. As the owner of the Kurtheater, Theaterstiftung Region Baden-Wettingen is responsible for its operation, maintenance and administration. The Theaterstiftung has committed itself to independently contributing two million francs to the Kurtheater's renovation costs until it reopens in January 2020. The Theaterstiftung commissioned cometris to develop a fundraising concept that will serve as the basis for the drive to collect the two million Swiss francs.

cometris developed a dual strategy concept. On the one hand, it provides instructions for approaching foundations, companies and solvent private donors. On the other hand, it contains measures to also promote an ideal level of support among the general population. The core of the concept was formed by the matrix with sponsoring categories and compensating measures as well as the implementation plan with a cost calculation. A detailed controlling sheet and an extensive list of possible sponsors round out the service package.