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Information promotes activity

Well-informed shareholders are also more active shareholders, but this is contingent on the information being easily accessible and clear, which is why the Baar-based European timeshare company is adopting a new approach to shareholder information.

Hapimag’s almost 140,000 members are also shareholders, making them beneficial co-owners of its property portfolio. Membership affords access to around 60 prime locations in 16 countries with around 5,600 apartments available for individual use. These sites also feature dining, wellness, cultural and other facilities.

In the run-up to the shareholders’ annual general meeting, all members receive shareholder information as an handy magazine published in six languages.  The content briefly summarises the current annual report, as well as providing useful background information and brief company news. “GV Info” is valued by many Hapimag shareholders, thanks largely to its clear layout and magazine format as a quick and digestible information source.

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