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Corporate communications, Media relations, Crisis communications

Furniture and furnishings market

Business closure made comprehensible

A supra-regional furniture and furnishings business in the premium segment closed its doors in 2016 after almost 40 years of operation due to the fiercely competitive market driven by currency factors and changing customer behaviour. Since the well-capitalised company changed its business purpose and did not go bankrupt, it was necessary to carefully communicate to the various stakeholders the argument for the closure of the traditional business and the associated relocation of staff.

To achieve this aim, cometris AG provided strategic advice to the Board of Management and the Board of Directors and drafted a comprehensive communication plan. Building on this, cometris AG drafted personalised letters for several thousand customers, as well as for suppliers and other key contacts. Language rules for staff information, a media release and a detailed Q&A catalogue for media enquiries also played an important role in making sure that the closure of the business was seen in the right light, no questions remained unanswered, and regret was also tempered with a degree of positive feedback.