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New branding represents the company's dynamics

In 2015, cometris AG repositioned one of the most successful Swiss automation companies on the market. The group of companies led by the former Hauser Steuerungstechnik AG was renamed Autexis (Automation Excellence & Intelligent Solutions) and rebranded with a new logo and design to keep pace with the times in the same way that the company does with its products and services in day-to-day life.

Under the umbrella of Autexis Holding AG, the company Autexis Control AG performs services for the implementation of intelligent automation solutions. Its sister company Autexis IT AG delivers services for the implementation of IT and mobile solutions and provides advice, strategic development and training sessions on the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

In addition to the renaming and logo design, the mandate also included the definition of colours and fonts, the new design of templates and a website in various languages as well as a range of editorial works and assistance in the preparation of company brochures.