Public Relations Perception Management

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The positioning of a person or a company does not only depend on what is being published on a daily basis; it is also affected by what has been reported about you in the past and the way you have presented yourself or your company. Even if something written or said has been proven wrong or is no longer relevant, it can still be found online and does not disappear by itself. The Internet never forgets.

We can assist clients in two areas: on the one hand, by helping you circulate new, up-to-date information via appropriate channels. On the other, we identify any information that projects a distorted view of you or your business. If necessary, we push towards a modification of the content in a discreet but determined fashion to obtain a better outcome for the client.

As far as individual positioning is concerned, our additional services include establishing relevant contacts, securing speaking opportunities, or identifying and recommending beneficial memberships. If requested by the client, we are also more than happy to provide feedback on matters like style and appearance.