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Crisis communications


When you see a fire, you call the fire brigade. If you also know how to use the hand-held fire extinguisher, you can keep the fire at bay for a while at least. Similarly, we would like our clients to be able to communicate properly in a crisis situation without external support - at least during the first two hours, online on Social Media and offline. For this purpose, we provide them with appropriate instructions and practise the appropriate communication behaviour in critical situations with them, because you only truly understand a concept after having implemented it.

cometris understands issue and crisis management as the analysis of existing settings and risks in order to anticipate all possible weak points. Based on this, we develop concepts that allow companies to systematically prepare for negative events, identify risk situations at an early stage, and avoid communication traps in the event of a crisis.

If a crisis nevertheless emerges, we are always at hand with experience, knowledge, organisational skills, the right contacts and cool heads. At any time. In person.