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Name / logo

The company name cometris reflects our agency’s self-image in three ways:

1. Our understanding of communications
com not only stands for communications, but is also derived from the Latin “com/cum”, meaning “with”. “metris” is the plural of “metrum” (Latin for “measure”), and comes from the Ancient Greek “metron”. Accordingly, the company’s name stands for communication that is “measured”, or appropriate to the situation. The combination of these terms is also the reason why the letter “m” in the logo has more than two arcs. It represents two merged “m”.

2. Our understanding of customer relations
co means “together”. Combined with “metris”, this gives us a “joint measure”, i.e. applying the same standards and spawning mutual respect and benefits for both sides.

3. Our understanding of our role
comet represents a guide, something that is visibly in motion and can look back on a long history – in our case, more than 25 years as a company.